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21th June 2017

Press Release

The El Chupete Awards Call is now open

The Congress of El Chupete 2016 will be held on 6th and 7th July in the Plaza de Callao (Madrid), entitled “The Future of Kids’ Communication. Generation Z”.  The two-day event will almost exclusively be focused on truly getting to know the Generation Z, including examples from communication and education that nurture, motivate and strengthen the technological, creative and motivational aptitudes of our youngest members of society.

With the aim of revealing the impact that the Generation Z is having on today’s society, experts such as Iñaki Ortega (Director of Deusto Business School) and Isabel Lara (Vice President of Atrevia) will be attending to talk about their study on this issue.

The event will also be attended by Roberto Carreras (co-founder of Muwom) and Carlos Jean (musician and co-founder of Muwom), who will explain to us the importance of connecting with this generation through music; as well as Óscar Hormigos (CEO of Vrain), who will take us closer to the world of virtual reality; Pedro Diezma (CEO of Zerintia Tech) and Paul Fleming (founding partner of Barcelona Virtual), who will take us into the future with the technology applied to the world of children and young people; Clara Montesinos (Chief Marketing Officer of Influencity Celebrities), who along with a panel of outstanding youtubers, will talk to us about the world of influencers.

It will also be attended by marketing managers and brand representatives such as Miguel Chapas (Marketing Manager, Grupo Bell Spain), Javier Mir (Marketing Manager Kids and Family Nutrition Danone), Jaime Scott (Sales and Marketing Manager of Parques Reunidos), Beatriz Navarro (Marketing Manager of Fnac) and Alberto Levy (Marketing Manager of Bimbo), among others.

El Chupete 2016 will also put artificial intelligence to the test by challenging the robot Pepper against the creativity of children.

Yet another year running, El Chupete will become a great space for creativity, inspiration, training and networking. A lot of ground will be covered about the future of communication, and visitors will be able to experiment with virtual reality, augmented reality, robots, neuromarketing and 3D printing. In short, it is an unmissable date with the world of communication and children.

8th June 2017


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