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The latest edition of El Chupete Joven already has winners

The International Festival of Children's Communication El Chupete has celebrated the latest edition of its El Chupete Joven award, within the "Child and Teen Consumption Conference" organized by the Complutense University of Madrid.

10 de mayo de 2022

  • This edition of El Chupete Joven once again had the collaboration of the Chair of Digital Communication in Chilhood and Adolescence of the Complutense University of Madrid.
  • Students from different advertising courses at the UCM faced a real brief proposed by Foster’s Hollywood through its agency Arena.
  • The organization is planning to extend El Chupete Joven to other national and LATAM universities.

The International Children's Communication Festival El Chupete will have has held the latest edition of its El Chupete Joven award, within the “Child and Teen Consumption Conference” organized by the Complutense University of Madrid.

This award, aimed at a university audience of young advertising professionals who will soon be working in the industry, aims to give students the opportunity to gain academic experience by working on real briefs .

On this occasion, the students of the Degree in Advertising and PR of the Complutense University of Madrid were able to demonstrate their acquired knowledge in a real brief for the Foster’s Hollywood brand with the launch of their new hamburgers. Undoubtedly “a great creative challenge through a well-known brand” says Mireia Álvarez Client Business Partner at Arena. Álvarez has been part of the jury of these awards together with Borja Cameron, Director of Digital Marketing, Media and Communication at Alsea Europe.

The students students Mireia Rey Asenjo, Laura Romero Richaud, Ana Sáez González y Lucía Benito González are the winners of this edition with their proposal “Viejovenes Fosterianos” an exhaustive research work with the aim of repositioning the image of Foster’s Hollywood, which they have designed for different platforms, both digital and street marketing, “using humour as a creative tool to connect with the public”, say the students

Although these Will be the ones who Will do the extracurricular internships and thus gain experience in the real world of an agency, El Chupete and Arena, Foster’s Hollywood’s agency, wantes to transmit the “acknowledge the excellent work carried out by the different groups that participated in El Chupete Joven, without detracting from the academic year they were in nd who have contributed a high level to the competition, presenting presentations that showed a great deal of effort and dedication”.

Likewise, taking advantage of the framework of the presentation, the organisers of El Chupete highlight “the great opportunity that this award offers to showcase the talent of the new generations of communicacion” and they are confident in the possibility of holding more annual editions together with UCM and extending this award to other universities or creative schools in Latin America. “Participating in a congress of such international relevance as this Child&Teen Consumption shows the educational and global work that we try to transmit from El Chupete through El Chupete Joven”, says Christian Haltermann, director of El Chupete.

About El Chupete

El Chupete is an independent institution promoted by professionals from the world of communication and education, whose main objective is to promote responsible child communication and encourage creativity in children.

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Nota de Prensa: La última edición de El Chupete Joven ya tiene ganadores

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