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El Festival Internacional de Comunicación Infantil El Chupete que ha celebrado su XVIII edición de forma totalmente presencial, ya ha elegido a sus ganadores. El evento, que tuvo lugar en el Espacio Ventas fue conducido por Leonor Lavado en una gala repleta de risas y emociones.


We've all earned it at one time or another. Big and small. Agencies and advertisers. Some deserve it and others simply need it.
Registration is now open for the XVIII Edition of the El Chupete International Children's Communication Festival 2022.

The members of the Jury 2022 are already known

El Chupete is 18 years old and El Festival wants to celebrate it in style with a luxury jury led by Germán Silva, CEO of PINK, who is this year's President.

Germán Silva, CEO of PINK, will preside over the jury of El Chupete 2022

El Chupete announced this morning Germán Silva as the new president of the Jury, who joins the list of presidents such as Luis Bassat or Luis Casadevall among others.

The latest edition of El Chupete Joven already has winners

The International Festival of Children's Communication El Chupete has celebrated the latest edition of its El Chupete Joven award, within the "Child and Teen Consumption Conference" organized by the Complutense University of Madrid.

II AMKT-El Chupete Talks - "Breaking Stereotypes".

El Chupete celebrates Women's Day "Breaking Stereotypes" in its II AMKT-El Chupete Talks where three success stories were presented, winners of the last edition of the El Chupete Children's Communication Festival, which had the theme #GirlPower.

What is El Chupete?

El Chupete is an independent institution promoted by professionals from the world of communication and education, whose main objective is to promote responsible child communication and encourage creativity in children.

We are immersed in an information society, changing at all times with a speed never seen before; which obliges everyone to take special care of children; a sector of society directly and continuously exposed to constant changes in communication and advertising.



Raise awareness

advertisers of children's products of the importance of betting on creative campaigns that transmit values.



agencies to improve their creativity and ingenuity in children's advertising.



educators, teachers and pedagogues on the important role that media play in children's advertising.


To reward

the efforts of professionals, given the difficulty of this type of communication and of being recognised at other festivals.



projects that dignify children's advertising and communication, safeguarding their rights and demonstrating that there are quality criteria and campaigns that meet and respect them.

What's happening

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