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Definition of Creativity:

Creativity is the ability to generate new ideas or concepts of new associations between ideas and concepts known that usually produce original solutions.

What is Kidativity?

Kidativity is the ability to take the child we all carry inside and recover that creativity in its pure state. Kidatividad is the origin, where Creativity is born. Are we able to recover it?

Because we are all born creative, however we grow and only a few are able to preserve and care for that creativity. Kidatividad (child creativity) is a precious commodity, it is not banal, it is something that can certainly improve society, so it is time to claim its importance, since we can all wake up that creative child that one day we went.

Soon we will tell you where they will hold conferences, debates, colloquia, projections, exhibitions and the Grand Gala of the prizes El Chupete.

Children are, without a doubt, the most creative public, El Chupete is undoubtedly a great place to be inspired and learn to communicate with them.

Soon we will tell you place, date, time and price of the entrance.

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